Kanji Flashcards for Beginners!

I'm only a beginner myself so please feel free to correct anything. My aim here is to post flashcards I've made for my personal learning and hopefully they'll be of help to someone else. I like to be as interactive/visual/audio-inspired as possible to help me remember things. If you want more advanced kanji cards please checkout the brilliant http://fuckyeahjapanesegoi.tumblr.com/

uzumaki-eternal asked: Your blog is AMAZING. true genius. :) It's helped me SO MUCH. thank you. (a message from a dedicated follower)

Thank you so much :D I’m really glad it’s helped you and I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated; life has gotten in the way but I’m hoping to make some more flashcards in the new year :)

Artwork by Ryuji Kawamoto

Anonymous asked: what program do you use to make these flashcards?

All on Photoshop :)